Winged Jig - Large Blade


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ASMAK Winged Jig is a bladed swivel jig head that works with any hook and improves performance of soft lures. Patented design creates a wide-amplitude swimming action during retrieve, and natural movement trajectory during jigging and sinking, while maintaining lure upright position. The blade also slows down the retrieve and sink rate, increasing lure-in-water time. Swivel connections allow the lure to move freely, making finesse presentation effortless. At higher rates of retrieve, the jig will rise in the column of water, offering granular control over lure positioning. Winged Jig consists of an eco-friendly brass sinker, impact-resistant plastic blade and a reliable fastener that allows to quickly swap tackle.

Large Blade - slow retrieve and sink rate; plenty of swimming action and a steep rise with retrieve.


  1. More action for all soft lures.
  2. Works with all hooks.
  3. Quick and reliable fastener.
  4. Sinks slower than regular jigs.
  5. Climbs up with retrieval.
  6. Wobbles with retrieval.
Showing: 1/2 oz Extra Large Winged Jig + 7 in Pink Minnow Flat Bait