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Swivel Bladed

More Action on a Slower Retrieve
with Any Hook & Soft Bait



Improves action of soft bait.
Wobbles with retrieve.
Sinks slower than regular jigs.
Climbs up with retrieve.
Works with all types of hooks.
Quick and reliable fastener.
Many wing and sinker sizes.
Made with safe brass sinker and impact resistant plastic.

Wing Sizes

Winged Jig — Swivel Bladed Jighead

Patented design by a 2x World Champion, Andriy Makiy, ASMAK Winged Jig offers natural action on a slower retrieve and a slower sink rate, maximizing catch efficiency. Specially designed fastener works with a variety of hooks and allows to quickly swap tackle.

Showing: 1/2 oz Extra Large Winged Jig + 7 in Pink Minnow Flat Bait

Flat Bait

Extremely Light & Durable Natural Presentation Lure


ASMAK Flat Bait Advantages

Light - allows long casts of large lures
Durable - withstands strong bite & pull
Active - high-frequency tail action
Reflective - imitates fish scales
Elastic - imitates escaping bait feel
Flexible - imitates natural presentation
Buoyant - floats in fresh and salt water
Available in many colors and sizes 2 1/3 - 9 in.
Available in three distinct shapes.
Includes high-carbon steel double hook.
Showing: 3/8 oz Large Winged Jig + 4 3/4 in Dark Gold Shad Flat Bait

“We develop and produce fundamentally new kind of tackle that uncovers new and diverse capabilities for pro and beginner anglers. Each product is tested and improved on until it shows excellent results in a wide range of fishing conditions. Equally important to us are reliability and ease of use.”